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I Want to Be Yours Quotes and Love Text

by Ruby Galvez

When you are in a relationship slump or you just want your love to know your feelings, here are some of the love texts you can send to make the day a lot brighter.

i want you, love quotes

“I want to be your tear drop, so I could be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.”

“I want you. I want you so badly I can’t stand it.”- Rachel Vincent, Alpha

“I want to be the reason you’re happy. I want you to be mine.” – Anon.

“I want you to want me. I need you to need me.” – Cheap Trick

“I want to be everything you’ve always wished for.” – Anon.

“I want you today, tomorrow, and forever.” -Anon.

“I don’t want you to text me. I want you to come here and tell me.” – Anon.

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More Cheesy Corny Text

by Ruby Galvez

“I Don’t Understand It Myself, But Falling in Love With You Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me…”

falling in love, romantic quote, facebook quote


Live and let the giggles roll!

Are you SOLID, LIQUID at GAS? Because you are all that MATTERS to me.

My day is brighter now that I saw you.

You the one who will love me for who I am. I can feel it.

True love was immortalized by Romeo and Juliet, started by Adam and Eve, and shared by You and Me.

I am happy and proud to have you in my life.

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3 Mushy Wedding Proposal Ideas

by Ruby Galvez

wedding, proposal,billboard

Weddings are always romantic, mushy events that start with the wedding proposal. Even if you’ve been lovers for a long time, a romantic wedding proposal will seal the “forever” deal.

So, how?

3 Ideas for a Mushy, Romantic Wedding Proposal

1. The Billboard Wedding Proposal

It’s as public as possible and everyone (stranger, friend or family) knows that you’re proposing. This is a benefit because of the impulse to shout out to the world how much you love each other when you’re truly, deeply in love. This proposal idea does just that.

Billboard can be replaced by a widescreen if you’re proposing during an even, e.g., a sports event.

2. Ring in the Cake

The element of surprise is in this proposal because your significant other won’t know until dessert time that this dinner is THE dinner that will change his/her life forever. The idea is to have the waiter bring the cake on your signal, just when things are heating up and your lover is glowing and suitably impressed by the romantic dinner.

3. Dramatic Scene

This proposal involves your whole family, your set of friends, and the crew of the restaurant/resort and a few actresses who can be hired to add the dramatic element. Set up a surprise proposal by acting out a plotline, be creative, or get ideas from movies. Just have a plan B when things don’t go as planned.

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Kinds of Chocolates You Can Buy for Eating and Baking

by Ruby Galvez

All you used to have to do is check out the candy aisle for some great-tasting chocolate. But, chocolate comes in many forms not just to eat but to bake and create. The next time you are buying chocolate for your recipes, use the following tips.

If the last kind of chocolate you bought was a Hershey’s bar, listen up. The baking aisle in the supermarket is filled with all types of chocolate from milk chocolate morsels to flavored morsels to block chocolate to gourmet varieties. What you choose depends on why you need it.

1. Semisweet morsels – Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies. They are a favorite after-dinner or party-time treat. So, what chocolate do you reach for? Most people reach for the semi-sweet chocolate morsels or chips. They hold their shape and are not bitter. Once you bite into them, they melt into sweet goodness. Use them also for muffins and pancakes.

2. Semisweet chocolate bricks – This is primarily baking chocolate. It can be cut up and melted for chocolate candy, chocolate cakes and icings.

3. Unsweetened dark chocolate bars – Unsweetened chocolate is used for recipes that call for other sweet ingredients like sugar or honey to offset the bitter taste. Many unsweetened dark chocolate bars don’t contain anything but cocoa solids so they are safe for those with food allergies.

4. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate bars – With or without the nuts or fruit pieces, these are great for eating. If you are trying to get your daily dose of chocolate, eating a dark variety without the nuts or fruit will be the best overall as far as calories. Dark chocolate has many health benefits. Milk chocolate is creamy but the added milk also adds calories and fat. Eating a specialty or gourmet chocolate bar will yield a smoother taste. Depending on the chocolate manufacturer, you may get a different taste with each brand you try.

5. Cocoa powder – This is where the chocolate begins as a presscake once the cocoa butter is removed. The presscake can then be packaged as cocoa powder for hot chocolate and also for baking. Unsweetened baking cocoa is best for recipes. Hot chocolate has other dried ingredients added like sugar and dehydrated marshmallows. It is just for drinking.

Have fun. If you are an avid baker, try different types of chocolate to make your creations. Gourmet chocolates are usually made from different types of cocoa beans which can intensify the flavor. Keep a variety of chocolate products on hand so that you are always prepared to whip up something good when the mood hits you.

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Love Means Giving Your Heart

by Ruby Galvez

Loving Someone

Being in love consumes your every thought, up to the point that you feel the other person’s emotions even when he or she does not say anything. Bit by bit, you’re giving the other person a huge chunk of your time and feelings. That’s how it means to fall in love. Hopefully, the other person takes care of your vulnerability and wouldn’t take advantage of your weakness for him or her.

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